Circumstance Review – Interior Signage for the Lobby of an Automated Truck Clean Viewed as

In any business one has to understand their customer to properly communicate the right message. It’s really easy to turn people off. For instance, you wouldn’t pull up in a turbo Porsche to sell power tools to lumber jacks, see that point, yah funny huh? Additionally your interior signage, menu board, sandwich board, or banners must meet the customer at the right level, their level, not some high level gold plated etched in marble piece, or you’ll turn them off and around as the walk back out the door much faster than it can swing around and bump them in the ass as they leave. Okay so, let’s talk and I’ll give you a case study.

Let’s say you own an automated truck was system, and it has all the bells and whistles but in the end you are just selling fleet truck washing services, should you go for a highly office lobby signs elegant look and signage in the interior lobby? Well now, let me ask you a question here if I might. My thinking is to ask you what sort of an image and branding are you looking for. Are you going all “high-class” and breaking the norm of the folksy like Little Sisters or Charlie’s Hand Wash, or Plain Wrap style like Blue Beacon?

If you are going elegant in the main lobby that’s okay, but don’t forget all the oil services trucks, tow trucks, box trucks, rental trucks, etc. Obviously, you have some of those types of fleets too in your region. You don’t want to look too prissy, but a nice sign in the office with pertinent information isn’t bad. Just remember who at least “some” of your main customers will be.

It might also slightly turn off the motor home crowd (looking too costly) and I bet there are some RV businesses near you. If you are going to go for the whole image of “high class, clean industry, good as gold” theme, then yes, use something nice and do the rest of the lobby and facility the same, still realize that guys in coveralls, muddy, dirty, greasy will be walking through, and they might snicker a bit, at first until they get used to it.

If you are really going for a big-time theme of “high-class” all the way, and you want to brand it like this for future locations, it might be an uphill battle at first, but if you are the only real game in town for now, you can make it work. Image is important of course, but never forget where you are and who your customers are, and exactly what they want, you must deliver or they aren’t buying you see?.

Those are my thoughts – if your elegant signage is behind the counter where it cannot get greasy palm prints or chewing tobacco spit at it, sure. See what I am saying here, I am just being a realist. So should you when you consider your signage too.